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MN House 2B


Facts about MN House 2B

  • MN House 2B has the largest Native American voting population of any other district in the state

  • Total population of the district: 42,590

  • Total 18+ Population in district: 31,919

  • Most populous township: Pike Bay Township at 1,713

    • Shingobee Township at close second with 1,669

  • Most populous city: Bagley at 1,285

    • Walker in second with 958
  • Least populous incorporated city: Funkley with 18 people

    • Holds the title of 'Smallest City in Minnesota'

  • Most populous County (adding total population of townships of the parts of a county within the district): Cass County at 9,551

    • Beltrami County in Second at 9,190

  • Least populous County: Itasca with 3,692

  • Has two full Native American Reservations within the district: White Earth Reservation and Leech Lake Reservation

  • District has seven different counties:

    • Becker (part), Beltrami (part), Cass (part), Clearwater (part), Hubbard (part), Itasca (part), and Mahnomen


To learn more info and see more maps click here.

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