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As an educator myself, I understand the importance of investing in equitable education and working towards a 21st-century curriculum. Working in higher education and having kids in public schools, I understand the various dynamics involved in education systems. I also will work towards developing equitable funding for transportation for rural districts.



Nature is held close to my heart. I have a valuable understanding of environmentalism,  recreation, and land management. I will strive to continue to protect mother Earth. I support increasing the use of renewable energy and decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels. I understand the importance of preserving biodiversity and will initiate action to promote healthy and clean air, water, and soil.



As we all know, the national economy has been on the rocks of late. More than ever, I feel it is essential to support rural communities by investing in local businesses and family farms. Working and developing our local businesses helps make our communities more independent and resilient. We are each other's neighbors, and when we stand together, we can grow our local economy. I will help create well-paying, fulfilling jobs for our rural communities.



The status of our well-being should not be based on how much money we have; everyone deserves quality physical and mental health. Access to affordable and quality health care is essential for everyone. I will work with different stakeholders to increase healthcare quality, and to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.



The housing crisis needs to be addressed. It is imperative to develop affordable housing that is built to a high-efficiency standard. Increasing the quality and efficiency of housing will help lower the cost of living across our community. I will work to promote affordable housing that is built to high-efficiency standards.


Ranked-Choice Voting (click here for more info)

Used in Alaska, Maine, Virginia, places in Minnesota, for some military voters, and other states; ranked-choice voting provides a more inclusive process for voters. With this system the people rank everyone on the ballot from their most favorites candidate to their least favorite. The candidate must win majority from all voters in order to win. Other advantages are that there is increased access for military and overseas voters when a race needs a run-off and minority-party candidates have a better chance to win. More benefits can be found by clicking here. I support ranked-choice voting and would like to see it implemented in various local and state elections. 

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